Rock Cave at Kaludiya Pokuna

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Item: VP10
Artist: Vajira Perera
Size: 31.4"H x 39.3"W Medium: Pen on Canvas Category: Drawings



This rock cave, located in the precinct of  Kaludiya Pokuna  (meaning pond with blackish water) in Kandalama,  is an amazing site. It was covered with variety of creepers and trees. Bringing it to life was probably the most challenging drawing that I have done so far. The drawing encompasses of over 100 hours of pleasurable drawing.

My creations are inspired by the beauty I see in the world around me. The fact that most of these creations have been brought to life in black and white has demanded for immense effort,  most of them involving 90 to 100+ hours of intense and enjoyable drawing, purely to capture  'A moment in time'.  I hope that my work would give you the same joy that I received in creating them.  Mother Nature is beautiful, enjoy her wonders and please, please, please, respect and protect her.

-Vajira Perera


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